Australia announces the next Subaru BRZ – Ruge’s Subaru

29 May


2014 BRZ S and Special Anniversary Edition 2014 WRX.

Subaru Australia has confirmed the launch of a new performance 2014 BRZ S that will be sold exclusively online as early as mid June in the country down under.

The new performance BRZ S to launch next month

The 2014 BRZ S will feature a range of Subaru Tecnica International (STI)-inspired equipment. This BRZ S will be sold exclusively online from mid-June and will feature a distinctive sports pack. The factory-backed pack comprises a long list of components that distinguish it from the standard BRZ. The BRZ S will be track ready and will include front under, side, rear-side and boot lip spoilers, a flexible tower bar, coil spring set and 17-inch black STI alloy wheels.

Subaru did not announce what engine specs the new BRZ S will come with, but it’s not likely to have a turbo upgrade. The BRZ STI that has been seen testing at Germany’s Nurburgring track will likely be what we see on the new BRZ S. It will get upgrades to the intake system on the 2.0-liter boxer engine that is reported to bump the horsepower from the current 200 hp to around 220-230 horsepower. Additional power will be added by Subaru making adjustments to the dual active valve control system. The maximum rpm’s could also be raised past the current 7,500 rpm limit. A new free flowing exhaust system will improve exhaust flow and reduce back pressure.


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