Subaru Pleo 660cc 51hp $10,000 – Ruge’s Subaru

17 Dec
Subaru Unveils Pleo + Kei Car in Japan [Photo Gallery]
The collaboration between Toyota and Subaru continues, but not with another cool sportscar for the masses. When you say the word “Subaru”, most people instantly think of AWD and rallying, but back in the days of the original VW Beetle, a tiny car with a motorcycle-like engine in America.

They are called kei cars, and they are somewhat fascinating little things. Suzuki’s Wagon R is the best seller since 2003. And today, Subaru is fighting back with another badge-engineered Daihatsu model.

It’s called the Pleo + and it’s based on the Daihatsu Mira e:S, which has also been transformed into a Toyota model called the Pixis Epoch.

Just like its sister cars, the Subaru version is powered by a 660cc engine producing 51 hp and mated only to a CVT. It can even be fitted with all-wheel drive. Prices start at JPY795,000 ($9,600), with sales to start at the beginning of 2013.

❐ Check out the 2013 Subaru Pleo + photo gallery


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