2013 Subaru Outback: Outer Banks, NC – Ruge’s Subaru – Video

13 Jul

Posted on 13th July, by Shon Bollock

2013 Subaru Outback: Outer Banks, NC

Right after finals I was invited by Subaru to attend a three day event in Outer Banks North Carolina. The day after my 24th birthday I rallied out to Norfolk, VA and linked up with the Subaru team to drive the 2013 Outbacks and Imprezas down to Outer Banks. The new OBK is all about safety and has some new features that even surpised me after owning two Subaru’s myself. (photos courtesy of Subaru’s Sean Maynard)

The biggest feature to get excited about on the 2013 models is the EyeSight system which consists of two sensory cameras facing the hood which are located up near the mirror. The cameras have the ability to stop the car when traveling under 20 MPH, alert the driver when they are veering out of lane, and adaptive cruise control providing a safe distance from drivers in front of you as well as eliminating the need to constantly adjust your speed on the highway. Another great addition for us watersports folk is that the new Outbacks have built in roof racks that fold up when not needed to conserve your gas milage.

The three day event was about much more than just cars and the Subaru team had a long list of activities for us to dabble in. The people at Subaru as well as the twelve journalists that attended made the experience the epic adventure that it was and were all a pleasure getting to know. Big shout out to the Subaru fam for the opportunity and enjoy the edit to Avicii “ID (Levels) (Original Mix)”.


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