Subaru confirms more BRZ awesomeness on its way – Ruge’s Subaru

20 Jun
Subaru confirms more BRZ awesomeness on its way

If you’re one of those people who believes Subaru’s BRZ (nee Toyota GT 86) needs more power, then fear not, it’s already in the pipeline – turbocharging, all-wheel drive and even bigger capacity engines are all on the product team’s to-do list.

Subaru’s Product Planning Chief, Toshio Masuda, has been quite explicit about future plans for the lightweight and punchy new BRZ sports coupe.

Exciting days ahead for BRZ as Chief Planner suggests that turbo, AWD and big power are all on its shopping list.…

He is mindful of Subaru’s unique brand values – from its symmetrical all-wheel-drive system, low centre of gravity ‘Boxer’ engines to its experience with turbochargers. “We can mix all of these elements,” he stated in a recent interview, “as they would provide a great synergy, focussing on the best features.”

Independent tuning houses in Japan are already working on both supercharged and turbocharged versions of the BRZ. Yet, with such enthusiasm resident within the company, it is only a matter of time before the UK will benefit from an increased line-up of BRZ variants.

Subaru has already explored and shown the potential of an STI version of the BRZ, which would certainly attract those enthusiasts looking for a more extreme driving experience, and also begin to satisfy Subaru’s core Impreza Turbo owners – who expect something a little more than a 197bhp normally aspirated powerplant can deliver.

Meanwhile, the standard versions are selling like hotcakes, just expect some new flavours and a double-chocolate chip one with some cherries on top..


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