The Range Rover Evoque Is Like An Expensive Subaru And That’s Okay – Forbes – Ruge’s Subaru

12 Jun

Last weekend I drove some friends up to Breakneck Ridge for a hike.

Part of the fun came because our ride–a lime-green Range Rover Evoque coupe–jumped so nimbly from West Villiage cobblestones to the two-lane curves of the Hudson Highlands. It will fit four people perfectly (shorter people in back advised) with plenty of room for a cooler and bags in the trunk. And so flippantly flirts between small SUV and sport-coupe status (think BMW X6 but smaller) that it won Truck of the Year this year in Detroit. A four-door version is available.

I loved driving the car. But I quickly found out that some people don’t take kindly to its wonderful frivolity. Several (a few Forbes editors have voiced their opinions) hate how it looks. Others (Facebook friends and foes) say it’s simply a glorified and extremely overpriced Subaru Forester. There is a passing resemblance.

Subaru makes outstanding vehicles renowned for their plucky torque, long-term resilience, and mule-like stubbornness under even the toughest road conditions. But the Forester simply can’t match the personality, highway performance or caché of the Evoque, which is why for those who can afford it, it’s worth the price premium it commands.

Quite a price, too. The base version of the 2012 Evoque costs $44,145, and I’m willing to bet few people who buy it will be satisfied with the bare essentials. The version I drove included a $7,900 premium package (special wheels, spoilers, stitching, pedal finishers and the like) and other upgrades that pushed the cost to $60,000.

The base version of the Forester costs less than half that and offers much of the same utility. Things like standard AWD, enormous cargo storage and extensive traction controls.


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