Subaru unveils new, cheaper anti-collision system – Ruge’s Subaru

11 Apr

Subaru is joining other automakers who are in the forefront of creating a new generation of cars that can stop themselves if they detect a frontal collision is about to occur.

Subaru Debuts New EyeSight(TM) System.

But Subaru hopes to stand out from the others by giving its system an extra that the others lack: a lower price tag.

Subaru is calling its system EyeSight. The driver assistance system will debut at the New York Auto Show next month, and Subaru plans to incorporate it in the 2013 Legacy and Outback. It includes adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, vehicle lane departure warning and the ability to detect objects in front of parked cars.

Subaru’s system, billed as the “most affordable” coming to market, will use two cameras mounted on the upper edge of the windshield to give a stereo view. Subaru says the system is less likely to get damaged on the windshield instead of being mounted in the front bumper, like some other automakers.

Below 19 miles per hour, the system is designed to detect pedestrians and brake the car.


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